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What iBeacon Might Mean For EGD

by Mr. Dickerson
February 14, 2014. 2:53 pm

Advancements in technology affect us all, but when it comes to innovations in wayfinding, we’re compelled to join the conversation. Apple introduced iBeacon prior to the launch of iOS 7, and it’s finally making an appearance in a big way.

Nearly a year later, the tech is poised to impact the way iPhone owners interact with stores, venues, museums, and even – you guessed it – baseball parks. It was announced today that MLB Advanced Media completed installation of Apple’s iBeacon technology at the first of two (one being Dodger Stadium) ballparks set to use iBeacon for Opening Day this season.

These beacons – which most people already have in their pocket – extend ‘Location Services’ and rely on low-powered Bluetooth to enable iOS apps (specifically At The Ballpark) to connect with strategically placed beacons throughout the park. This virtual conduit provides directions, simplifies ordering food, offers discounts, sends personal alerts, highlights points of interest or even streams video. Endless potential!

The MLB plans to outfit more than 20 parks with roughly 100 beacons each by Opening Day. As designers, it’s quite exciting to note the intersection between environmental and screen design. We hope to take full advantage of this technology in the near future. In addition to being so convenient, it also encourages people to embrace new methods of wayfinding to improve the overall experience that these spaces provide.